Feature Update
July 25, 2019
Brody Dingel
Linguatorium Operations
When done correctly, building a website or an app is a never-ending process. Standards and protocols change, development teams change, and perhaps most importantly – user needs change. When we see a teacher or student with a need, we do our best to meet it.

That's why Linguatorium has two brand new features that you're going to love. To meet your needs.
No more worries about losing emails or trying to navigate through confusing threads. The new Messages feature allows instructors and students to communicate directly through Linguatorium. When enabled for a group, students can ask questions or provide feedback from their Linguatorium account, and any instructor in the group can respond.
Are your students ever worried about asking a "stupid question"? With anonymous messages enabled, they can now write a question or comment to their instructor without ever revealing their identity.

If you'd like to try out Messages with your students, check out our How-To!
If you work at multiple institutions, this one's for you. If your Dashboard ever gets clogged, you can now pin your most frequently used tiles to the top with a star. This keeps things tidy so you don't have to go searching when you're in a time crunch.
We hope you enjoy these new features. If you ever have any questions, check out our Help Center or contact us at support@linguatorium.com.