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Frequently Asked Questions
How many words should I put in a given word list? Does research say anything about an "optimal list length"?
We are not aware of any research on an optimal list length. We recommend entering at least 10 words (so that Lexis has some good distractors to choose from), but there is no upper limit. Of course, studies in human working memory show that we can generally retain 7±2 items in our working memory at a time, and so this is probably how many words a learner should work on at a time. For this reason, Lexis works on just 7-9 items with a given learner at a time, cycling through words in a word list of any length to eventually ensure that they learn all the words by the due date.
Can I assign the same word list to multiple groups? Can one group be assigned multiple lists at a time?
Yes, and yes. In addition, if you have multiple lists assigned to one group, our system will automatically prioritize those words with the soonest due date so that they're prepared for any upcoming exams or activities that you may have planned.
Why can't I create new groups or enroll students?
This is probably because you do not have administrative access to your organization's account in Linguatorium. Only those with administrative access (i.e. Organization Admins or Group Admins) can enroll students and create new groups. See this page for a comparison of user roles. If you would like to have administrative access, please confer with your institution's Linguatorium administrator.
One of my students hasn't received the email with the one-time code to access their Linguatorium account. How do I fix this?
There may be a number of causes behind this issue. First, please ensure that the student is entering the same email address that is entered in your Linguatorium class roster. If the email addresses do match, then ask your student to check their Spam and Junk mailboxes, as sometimes institutional filters send the email there. If this still hasn't resolved the issue, please feel free to contact us at so that we can help you directly.
Can I use Lexis for languages other than English and Spanish?
One of the reasons why Linguatorium is so "smart" is that it is language-specific. In other words, our tools are designed to provide the optimal learning experience in the language(s) for which they were designed. For example, Lexis is linked to two comprehensive databases of lexical information – one for English and another for Spanish – that allow it to look up information about individual words and intelligently provide exercises directly aimed at teaching those words. We hope to one day incorporate other languages into Lexis as well.
Is there a Linguatorium app for mobile devices?
Yes. We offer a Progressive Web App for using Linguatorium on smarphones and tablets. A Progressive Web App is a kind of app that does not need to be downloaded from an app store. You can read all about it on our blog, including how to install it on your device.
I'd like to start a semester-long trial period with Linguatorium. Are there any contracts, hidden costs, or obligations?
No. We like to be completely transparent with our pricing, and we can assure you that there will be absolutely no cost or obligation – to your or your students – throughout the trial period. You and your students can give it a try, see if it fits with your context, and then evaluate to see if you'd like to move forward with our tools.
Should I assign Linguatorium as homework, or should we spend class time on it together?
We recommend assigning daily Linguatorium practice as homework so that you can spend class time working on higher-level tasks (e.g., conversation or writing). Lots of instructors choose this option. Also, students can do their daily practice anywhere, anytime on their mobile device with our app. However, if doing it together in class fits your context better, that is always an option as well.
What types of activities do Lexis and Auris provide for students in their daily practice?
Lexis has 10 different activity types, ranging from matching words with definitions and pictures to spelling target L2 words to semantic sorting activities, among others. Auris, on the other hand, presents learners with 4 types of fun activities, including "Odd One Out", "Same or Different", "Did you hear this word?", and "Which word did you hear?".
I used Linguatorium last semester, and I'm teaching the same courses again this semester. How do I transition my course from one group of students to the next?
Simply create a new group for the new semester. We recommend putting the semester in the Group name (e.g., "ESL 101 Fall 2019") to easily differentiate it from other/older courses. Finally, enroll your new students, and you're set!
One of my students has told me that Auris seems to be repeating exercises for the same sound over and over. Why is this?
If a student is not able to reliably distinguish between two sounds, Auris will continue to repetitively expose the student to the same set of minimal pairs to help them attain accuracy and fluency of recognition before moving on to the next sound pair. Though the student may feel that this is boring in the short term, it is actually beneficial for the student to acquire that sound pair. Once they begin to get the sound pair right most of the time, it will move on to other sound pairs.
Can I use a password to log in rather than getting a one-time access code sent to my email?
Yes, you can add/change your password by going to My Profile > Change Password. However, please know that your browser should keep you logged in to your account unless you log yourself out.
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