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at Michigan State
Blog: Success Story
December 12, 2018
Brody Dingel
Linguatorium Operations
What do long-term users of Linguatorium Lexis think about the tool? Students and instructors at Michigan State University have been using Lexis since 2014, so we took a trip to Michigan to hear their thoughts!
Linguatorium Lexis is an intelligent online tool that allows ESL instructors to offload vocabulary learning to homework practice sessions. Lexis helps students build and consolidate their knowledge of words and phrases, while freeing up valuable class time for face-to-face, communicative activities. What's best, teachers can supply their own vocabulary lists to power automatically generated exercises.

Research shows that by spending as little as 10 minutes per day on working with Linguatorium Lexis, students may improve their long-term vocabulary retention almost three-fold.
At Michigan State, we were looking for solutions to some problems with vocabulary instruction. We knew our students needed more time on task in their vocabulary learning, more touches with each target item, but our teachers just didn't have the time. Simply telling students to work with the vocabulary outside of class didn't solve the problem. Students didn't do it, or they didn't do it effectively.

But then we got Linguatorium Lexis. The clear, systematic, and varied presentation in Lexis streamlines vocabulary practice. Students are engaged, and many have credited Lexis with showing them how to study vocabulary and become collectors of words. Teachers like being able to customize lists and create materials fast and easily. Lexis helps our program set challenging vocabulary goals and know that the students are equipped to achieve them.
Lawrence J. Zwier
Associate Director, English Language Center, Michigan State University
Author of Inside Reading, Grammar and Beyond, and other books
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