How To
Use Your Bookstore Code
If you purchased a Linguatorium coupon code at your campus bookstore, this how-to guide is for you.
Wait for your instructor to set up your Linguatorium account
Before you can use your Linguatorium code, you need to wait for your instructor to set up a Linguatorium account for you. Once your instructor lets you know that your account has been set up, you can log into Linguatorium with your school email address.
Log into your Linguatorium account
Activate Linguatorium service
Once you log into your Linguatorium account, click on the red button "Purchase Service" on your dashboard.
Go to your dashboard
Select your service option
You will see a pop-up box with one or more service options. Select the option that applies to you by clicking on the red button next to it. If there are several options and you aren't sure which one you should choose, ask your instructor. Once you've selected an option, click "Review Order & Checkout."
Enter your coupon code
You will be taken to the checkout page. Verify that your order details are correct. DO NOT click the red button "Make a Payment." Instead, click the blue link "Redeem a coupon code" below the red button. Enter the 16-digit code you purchased from the bookstore.
Go to the Checkout page
You should see a message telling you that your coupon code has been redeemed. Now you can return to your dashboard and start using the Linguatorium tools assigned by your instructor. If you're not sure how to use our tools, ask your instructor.
Go to your dashboard
Still need help?
Send us an email at, and we will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have!