How To
Manage user roles
There are four types of user roles in the Linguatorium system: Learners, Instructors, Group Admins, and Organization Admins. The table below shows what users with different roles can and cannot do in the system.
Group Admin
Organization Admin
Use Linguatorium Lexis and Auris
Add and edit word lists, and assign them to learners
View learner and group progress reports
Create new groups
Manage enrollments in own groups
Manage enrollments in other groups within the organization
View organization-wide usage reports
Edit organization-wide settings
To set up a Learner or an Instructor account, simply enroll the user into the respective group. If the user already has a Linguatorium account, that account will be added to the group with the applicable user role; otherwise, a new account will be automatically created.

To designate Group Admins and Organization Admins, head to your Linguatorium dashboard and select the Instructor View for your organization. Then, navigate to "Admin Tools" in the menu on the left. There, you will be able to view lists of currently designated group and organization admins, and submit a request to our user support team to add or delete admins for your organization.
Did you know?
Organization Admins can view and manage enrollments in all groups, even those that they do not teach. Every organization will have 1+ of these admins, but in large organizations, having too many people in this role can get confusing! Instead, we recommend limiting the number of people who have the Organization Admin role. If you want instructors to manage only their own group enrollments, consider giving them the Group Admin role instead.