How To
Enter word lists
into Linguatorium Lexis
Entering your custom word lists with Lexis is quick and easy! Our system is linked to a database full of information about English vocabulary that allows you to enter words from a template rather than from scratch. This saves you time for lesson planning and caring for your students' needs.
Decide which word lists to assign
Many instructors prefer to base their word lists off of their course textbook, while others like to create their own word lists. Our system works for both options. Before getting started, decide which word lists you'll assign and in what sequence. For example, if you're following a textbook, we recommend going unit by unit (or chapter by chapter) and creating new lists as the course progresses.
Go to your library and start a new word list
Go to the Instructor View for your organization and navigate to "Word Lists." Here you'll see the library of all word lists ever created at your institution. Click on "Create a New Word List" and give it a title (e.g., "Chapter 1" or "On Vacation").
Go to your dashboard
Enter a word
Click "Add a New Word," type the target word, and select its part of speech. Remember that you can select several options at once (for a word like "round" that can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective, depending on the context). Lexis works best with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Function words (such as prepositions or conjunctions) are best taught in context and through grammatical exercises, so we recommend against entering them in Lexis.
Define your word
Lexis asks you to specify two kinds of definitions for each word:
  • First, you will be prompted to choose "technical" definitions that precisely specify which meanings of the word you want your students to learn (is it "table" with rows or columns, or "table" the furniture, or both?). These definitions can be worded quite technically, but don't worry – your students will never see them. They are used internally by the system to optimize vocabulary presentation.
  • Second, you will be asked to choose or enter a definition for your students to see. Try to keep the definition you enter short, precise, and level-appropriate.
Add a picture and an example
If you'd like to add a picture for an imageable word (like "lamp"), you may choose one from our database by clicking the photo icon, or you may upload your own. You can also choose or enter an example sentence. You may be prompted to select the word in context and specify the precise meaning or function of the word. Lexis will use the pictures and the example sentences you select in generating exercises for your students.
Add more words
Entering words will get really quick after you've done a couple of them. Feel free to finish your list before moving to the next step.
Assign to learners
Once you've finished entering your word list, you can assign it to your students by clicking "Assign to Learners." Your students won't see the list in their daily practice until you've assigned it, so this is an important step! Select the group to assign this list to, and choose the Start Date and Due Date for this list. (Many instructors line up the Due Date with the date of an upcoming test, or the date on which students need to know the words for use in class.)
Did you know?
Your library of word lists can be shared with other instructors at your institution! This reduces the workload for instructors, since we know you're all busy. Also, your word lists are saved for future terms, so you never have to create the same list twice. (Don't worry, you can always edit them later if you need to.)