How To
Start your daily practice
with Lexis and Auris
Every instructor account comes with a student account as well so that you can see what your students will see. We recommend that you do just a few minutes of practice with Auris and Lexis so that you're familiar with how the tools work. Plus, it's fun!
Navigate to your dashboard
Log in to your Linguatorium account, then click the "Auris" button or the "Lexis" button for your organization. This will take you to your own Student view: You will see exactly what your students see when they sign in to Linguatorium.
Go to your dashboard
We'll explain the other features on this page in a moment. For now, click "Begin." First, click the icon to test your sound, then click the arrow to move on. Next, you'll be presented with exercises to practice your listening skills (for Auris) or improve vocabulary knowledge (for Lexis).
Practice as much as you like, then exit
You'll notice a countdown timer in the upper-right that shows how much time you have left. (Learn how to customize this in your settings.) Once you're ready to be done, click the stop button to go back to the student dashboard.
View your progress
You'll see your session history, and below is your progress report.

For Auris, you will see an International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart that shows you your progress on each sound. Click the question mark to see how to interpret the chart, and also note the summary report (in %) on the left. (Also, here's an interactive chart to learn more about IPA, if you're interested.)

For Lexis, your progress report will graphically display your progress on each of the assigned word lists. If you click the question mark button, you'll see an explanation of the different colors, and if you click on the list name, you'll see all the words you entered earlier.
Did you know?
Auris has 4 different types of exercises, and Lexis has 10, ranging from multiple choice questions to spelling exercises to semantic sorting, so your students will never get bored!