How To
View detailed progress reports
Every now and then, it's good to check on how your students are doing with their daily Linguatorium practice. Here you can learn how to view detailed progress reports, both for the whole class and for individuals!
Navigate to your group's progress report
From your dashboard, navigate to the Instructor View for your organization. Click on the group that you want to view progress reports for. Then, click either "Linguatorium Auris" or "Linguatorium Lexis" under "Progress Reports."
Go to your dashboard
Understanding Auris reports
For Auris, you can see at a glance how all of your students have been doing with their daily Auris practice, including their progress (in %), how many points they've earned (if gamification is enabled), and when they did their most recent session. This is useful for when you want to see how they whole class is doing. If you click on an individual learner, you'll see a more in-depth report on how they're doing with Auris.
Understanding Lexis Reports
For Lexis, you'll see a summary of how each student is doing with their Lexis practice. To look at an individual more closely, click on their name to view their detailed progress report. You'll also get a group summary for how the whole class is doing on each assignment.
Did you know?
When looking at detailed progress reports, both for individuals and groups, you can even see word-level statistics to see which words are easiest/hardest for your students! Just click the "Estimate word difficulty" button and sort by either progress or difficulty.